Fabuwood Metro Mist Cabinets


Color:            Gray

Material:      Wood

Vendor:        Fabuwood

Type:             Cabinet Door


For a cool toned kitchen with a balanced look and feel, our Mist cabinets are perfect for providing an elegant atmosphere.

Do you want to incorporate simple and sleek yet modern cabinets in your kitchen? The Fabuwood Metro Mist cabinets are the ones that you need. Featured in the grey, misty colorway, these cabinets create a fitting contrast with your bold and dark-colored kitchen accessories and backsplashes. Their neutral colorway allows them to ideally suit a range of interior kitchen designs, from traditional to contemporary and transitional to vintage.

In addition, the solid hardwood used in their composition prolongs their lifespan, allowing them to provide storage space for your kitchen accessories for several years. Explore more of them here at Badger Cabinets in Oak Creek, WI. Drop by our store and allow us to uplift your kitchen ambiance today.


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