Fabuwood Metro Java Cabinets


Color:              Black

Material:        Wood

Vendor:          Fabuwood

Type:               Cabinet Door


Discover the exquisite Metro line of Fabuwood Cabinets that ideally add to the elegance of overlay cabinet door designs. The Metro Java variant of Fabuwood Metro line focuses on stamping the dark walnut shade of cabinet doors that goes well with dark-colored backsplash. Ideal for open kitchen spaces, the Fabuwood Metro Java Cabinets manifests the daring aspect of your interior design choices.

In addition to the ultra-modern design, the Fabuwood Metro Java Cabinets are constructed from solid wood material, ensuring a spacious design to allow you to organize your kitchen efficiently. So, it’s time to uplift your kitchen space with Fabuwood Metro Java Cabinets; visit Badger Cabinets in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and buy today.


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