Fabuwood Onyx Cobblestone Cabinets


Color:              Black

Material:        Wood

Vendor:          Fabuwood

Type:               Cabinet Door


Another one of our classic Onyx cabinetry lines is the Fabuwood Onyx Cobblestone Cabinets, designed with keeping the norms of traditional style in focus. These cabinets ideally blend classic and contemporary styles based on the selection of their colorway and the design of their frame.

The dark hues hint at the bold modern kitchen style, while the recessed door panels suggest the classic cabinetry design. So, whether your kitchen design is based on a conventional setting or an ultra-modern style, the Fabuwood Onyx Cobblestone Cabinets go well with versatile settings. So, explore this remarkable collection by Fabuwood today here at Badger Cabinets in Oak Creek, WI – visit us to get started.


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