Kitchen Cabinets Styles That Meet the Optimal Functionality
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Versatile Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Elevate Your Kitchen

We feature a distinctive range of premium cabinets – designs that offer exceptional functionality and textures that truly complement your interior. Buy pre-assembled cabinets or have them customized via the in-home consultation option, we have endless options for you.
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    Make your Kitchen Timeless and Versatile with Shaker Style Cabinets

    Shaker cabinets are a great choice and are recognizable by their square edges or box-like design. They are manufactured only of premium hardwoods like Maple, Cherry, or Oak. The most appealing thing about shaker cabinets is their timeless design. Such an ageless design blends with any surrounding furniture and kitchen layout. This is why so many homeowners love them.

    With Shaker Cabinets, you won’t have to start planning another redesign for long. Shaker-style kitchen cabinets are the sole option if you want to create a stunning yet practical, warm, and inviting kitchen that will last a lifetime. So, get it touch with us now for your new kitchen redesign based on Shaker Cabinets.

    Transform Your Kitchen with Ultra Modern Flat Panel Cabinets

    Flat-panel cabinet style offers a simple appearance suitable for many different kitchen designs. These cabinets are frequently linked with a stark, minimalist aesthetic. With different colors or wood finishes, you may warm up these minimalist-style cabinets. It features a more traditional appearance when painted in solid colors, while wood tones give it a more modern look.

    They are ideal for both traditional and modern kitchens due to their distinctive and timeless designs. Plus, our flat panel cabinets are simpler to maintain since they lack details or crevices that may collect oil or dust.

    Bring the Elegance to your Kitchen with Recessed Panel Cabinets

    Recessed kitchen cabinets are popular because of their durability, use, and aesthetic appeal. The panel prevents dents and scratches on the door. It also eases the cleaning process by reducing the number of corners where dust builds up.

    We have endless colors and finishes available for recessed kitchen cabinets. Sometimes glass or steel are installed in place of wood panels, and they may be arched or have square angles. The cabinet door has beveled trim on a number of recessed panels, adding an attractive touch.

    Modernize your Kitchen with Raised Panel Cabinets

    For people wishing to give their kitchen a formal and modern feel, our raised panel cabinets are a great option. Raised panel cabinets have ornamentation surrounding the raised center panel and grooved edges. This enables you to select between bold and elaborate accents.

    Raised panel cabinets are more ornate and darker, making it difficult to see dirt on them. They provide you with more design options for your kitchen because they come in a variety of woods and hues. Your kitchen will seem elegant and formal with these cabinets so buy your one from Badger Cabinets.

    Make Your Investment Worth It with Storage Space & Durability

    Cabinets are a large investment, therefore they should be worthwhile. All that is required for everyone are cabinets with sufficient space for storage and made of high-quality materials. Our kitchen cabinets include all of the features you require. To make sure that the cabinets are strong, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and tear, we employ excellent materials in their construction.

    We make sure each customer has the ideal storage option for their particular requirements that’s why we offer cabinets in a range of shapes and sizes. Adjustable shells, pull-out drawers, and trash can cabinets are just a few of the features we provide consumers to allow them to customize their purchases.

    We Serve in Your Vicinity

    Badger Cabinets is one of the leading stores of cabinets in Oak Creek. Our aim is to provide the best quality cabinets to every customer by providing a warranty on our products. We provide a wide range of cabinets, from traditional to contemporary, so you may build your kitchen in any style you choose. So, visit our Cabinets store in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and grab your favorite kitchen cabinets now with ensured durability!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cabinets are characterized into several styles. But the most popular ones that’ll grace your kitchen in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, include the Shaker style, panels with different variations, and base, wall & corner kitchen cabinets. Each kitchen cabinet style comes with its unique quality aspect, whether it’s the appearance or storage space.

    In terms of cabinet construction, the four different types of cabinets that we offer include RTA (ready-to-assemble), pre-assembled, custom-built, and semi-custom-built cabinets. In terms of styles, we offer Shaker style, Recessed & Raised Panel Cabinets, Corner & Wall Cabinets, and Flat Panel Cabinets.

    Although every cabinet style has its own distinctiveness, Shaker Cabinets simply stand out due to their timeless style. Shaker Cabinets give a look and feel that goes well with any kitchen design, from a classic, vintage kitchen to a modern, minimalist kitchen.

    Shaker style is the most timeless cabinetry style due to its clean, seamless lines that enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics. Its simple yet subtly elegant design caters to your desire for a ageless style cabinet design that’ll never go out of style.