Fabuwood Wellington Ivory Cabinets


Color:             Cream

Material:       Wood

Vendor:         Fabuwood

Type:              Cabinet Door

Create an intimate vibe in your kitchen space with the warmth of ivory-colored kitchen cabinets. The Wellington Cabinets by Fabuwood appeal to the soothing aesthetics of your interior with their exquisite Ivory color.  The intricate yet precisely carved fine lines on the cabinet doors hint at the traditional cabinetry style.

So, if you readily are in love with the traditional interior design, these cabinets are sure to go well with style preference as well. Crafted meticulously by the expert craftsmen of Fabuwood, these authentic cabinets carry the quality of the most prestigious cabinetry brand in the US. So, experience this remarkable level of quality and sophistication with Fabuwood Wellington Ivory Cabinets here at Badger Cabinets – visit our Cabinets store in Oak Creek, WI to make them yours today!


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