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Combine Vintage And Contemporary Kitchen Style With Our Recessed Panel Cabinets

Recessed panel cabinet doors are famous for their strength and practicality. They are perfect for homeowners that want to combine the detailed vintage style with contemporary for uniqueness. Since they are available in various designs, you can pick between arched or square angles. You can also install glass or steel instead of wood to add elegance.

Our cabinet will look eye-catching in your kitchen when paired with complementary colors or superior materials. The recessed panel cabinets are sleeker than the raised panel and are perfect for modern homes. This will give your home a tremendous minimalistic touch.

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    Unique Color Options To Pick From In Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

    Our store has many great color options to pick from. Whether you want a bold, neutral, or a combination of both, our store has it all. You can choose white, black, brown, red, and more colors to design your dream kitchen that is also functional.

    Customize Our Recessed Panel Doors For Your Needs

    Everyone has had cabinets that would overspill whenever opened or were too big, taking up unnecessary space. But, with our recessed panel kitchen cabinets, you can easily customize them to suit your exact storage needs. So now you won’t have to worry about buying cabinets that are too big or small; you can get the perfect size.

    Enhance Your Kitchen’s Storage With Our Spacious Recessed Panel Cabinets

    No one likes a cluttered space. Not only does it make working hard, but it also looks visually unappealing. But our recessed panel cabinet doors let you enhance your kitchen storage space with our customization option. Now you can empty your countertops and truly bring out the best in your kitchen.

    Quality Craftsmanship For Enhanced Durability

    Our recessed panel cabinets are made from the highest quality wood to ensure durability. Its premium craftsmanship ensures that it will easily last you a lifetime. This cabinet style is known for being more durable than other cabinets.

    Our Professional Installation Services Are Perfect For A Smooth Experience

    Besides providing you with countless brand, color, and material options in our recessed panel kitchen cabinets, we also offer professional installation services. Now you won’t have to worry about finding a different installer when you can get everything in one place! You can just sit back and relax as we complete your dream kitchen.

    Serving In And Around Oak Creek, Wisconsin

    If you live in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, or the surrounding areas, we are just a phone call or drive away. Our fantastic collection of colors, brands, and cabinet materials will surely attract your eye and give you cabinets that will last for years.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Recessed panel cabinet doors have a panel that is pushed back into the framing. They have both elevated and flattened center panels. 

    Shaker-style cabinets have clean-cut 90-degree recess in the panel, while recessed panels have beveled or angled designs at the recess’s seam.

    Raised panel cabinets have raised center surrounded by recessed borders, while recessed cabinets have flat center panels and raised sides.