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Transform your kitchen into something alluring, welcoming, and highly functional with CCC Cabinets. The brand, Chicago Cabinetry Co., is hailed for a remarkable experience in cabinet manufacturing and wholesale dealing, and its expertise is ideally depicted in every article. At Badger Cabinets, we ensure the highest standards of quality for CCC Cabinets providing a wide assortment in a varying range of door styles, designs & colorways. Discover our elegant selection of the accumulated cabinet ranges down here and give us a call to get started with free price estimate. We ensure to bring whatever suits your style and befits the aura of your kitchen space.

Versatile Styles and Colors of Our CCC Kitchen Cabinets Collection

Here’s our collection featured in varying CCC Kitchen Cabinets door styles, colors, sizes and designs that you will love for sure.

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    CCC Cabinets Are The Epitome Of Quality And Functionality

    CCC Cabinets offer a perfect mixture of quality, utility, superior design, and awesome looks. These CCC collections, at one end, ensure perfection in every aspect, while at the other end, they’re available in a varying price ranges to make sure everyone gets to experience luxury and modernity.

    CCC cabinets are suited for any home interior style. Whether you’re a vintage fashion lover, a retro-style enthusiast, or a lively modernist, we offer a true manifestation of your personality with the versatile designs, size, styles, colors, and textures of our CCC stylish cabinets.

    The composition of these CCC Chicago Cabinets is sturdy enough to support all your kitchen equipment. The all-plywood crafting ensures durability while protective coating further improves the longevity of each article.

    Visit our Cabinets Store in Oak Creek, Wisconsin today. We offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all our CCC Kitchen Cabinets, making us the “stand-out” supplier of these branded cabinets. Furthermore, if you want your kitchen styled to perfection, approach our in-house consultation team. We will help you design a kitchen that truly stands out in terms of contemporary style and classic utility.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    All CCC Cabinetry products are crafted from high-quality wood and are based on Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Oak, and other wood extracts imported from around the world.
    CCC Cabinets are crafted at the brand’s manufacturing locations in Des Plains, IL and West Allis, WI. When visiting our CCC Kitchen Cabinets outlet in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, rest assured that you will get authentic articles sourced directly from the brand itself.
    Aside from pre-assembled and custom cabinets, we also have CCC RTA cabinets on order. So, if you want RTA configuration, feel free to contact Badger Cabinets right away.
    CCC cabinets price varies on the basis of cabinetry configuration. The fully custom cabinets are the most expensive, the pre-assembled ones are moderately prices, whereas the RTA cabinets are least expensive ones.