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      Harold Gawley
      May 24, 2020
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      It has been 6 months since we got cabinets from Badger Cabinet and Beyond, for our new kitchen. And now without hesitation I can post a positive rating this . . .
      Morgan H.
      May 31, 2020
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      My experience with Badger Cabinet was amazing! They didn't try to nickel and dime me for everything and their service was phenomenal!! They got the cabinets in . . .
      January 3, 2020
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      I had a very good experience with Badger Cabinet. Matt was very helpful and worked with me in customizing the cabinets we needed. 5 star company

      Properties Of Kitchen Cabinets 

      A lot of people do not know the properties of our modern kitchen cabinets and how they are actually important in terms of our home’s design. We cannot deny that the use of Wisconsin cabinets is something that most of us have to go through at one point or the other. It is hard to imagine living without those kitchen and bathroom cabinets that were around when we were growing up. But if they’re of no use any longer, it would then be a much simpler job to get done already!

      When we were first starting out with our kitchen cabinets store, the best affordable white kitchen cabinets that we were using just cardboard boxes with no other purpose other than to store our books. These are actually the properties of kitchen cabinets Wisconsin that you will have to deal with until you get where you want to go with your cabinets. You need to understand that these “best cabinets” have a lot of uses but at the same time, they also have a lot of problems as well.

      If you are planning to buy affordable kitchen cabinets, you should understand the type of cabinets you would prefer. In most cases, our modern kitchen cabinets are readily available in different sizes making it convenient to buy them. The second thing that you should do is to figure out how big your kitchen & bathroom cabinets are so that you can be sure to accommodate all the stuff that you will want to store.

      Likewise, color plays a vital role in the looks of your space. For instance, white kitchen cabinets would offer a wide appearance to a congested space. White shaker cabinets would spruce up the overall appearance of your kitchen. While brown and grey kitchen cabinets are deemed best for open & wide interiors.

      When it comes to choosing vanity cabinets, you need to consider certain properties. This includes the material that the vanity cabinets are crafted from. The cabinets made from wood would obviously have a lot of properties against those made from metal; as metal kitchen cabinetry might not necessarily have the properties you would want. But at the end of the day, the choice of a perfect cabinet range comes down to your personal preference, which you can appease here at our kitchen cabinets store.

      Why Badger Cabinets?

      Badger Cabinets is the ultimate answer to your query of a reliable kitchen cabinets store near Oak Greek Wisconsin. We offer reliable and affordable kitchen cabinets crafted from wood of the finest quality. You can find the exquisite range of white shaker cabinets in Wisconsin at the best price. The reliable kitchen and bathroom cabinets are strong enough for families. Branded kitchen cabinetry including Forevermark Cabinetry, Fabuwood, J&K, and CCC highlights wood development, prevailing equipment, and solid paints & finishes. We carefully plan each immaculate style to ensure your kitchen stands out.

      Maintainability Of Our Kitchen Cabinets 

      We are dedicated to ensuring that our items are naturally well arranged. All our products are autonomously attempted to fulfill and even exceed all Air Resources Board recommendations for departures. Additionally, our modern kitchen cabinets crafted from treated wood are capable of withstanding moisture and extreme temperature.

      Warranty Of Kitchen Cabinets 

      Forevermark Cabinetry includes two lasting restricted Warranties on cupboard components and parts, ensuring that your cabinets are totally free of imperfections associated with workmanship or material under average first-owner use. Want to get the most out of this warranty? Simply search for kitchen cabinets store near me and the search engine would take you right to the Badger Cabinets where you could enjoy all these privileges.



        • All-Wood Growth
        • Solid Timber Entrances and Tiled Timber Box
        • Assembly Essential
        • Affordable Kitchen Cabinets
        • Orders delivered in approximately Fourteen days

      Our Elegant Range Of Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets

      We provide quality wood cabinets near Oak Creek Wisconsin at a reasonable price. Utilizable, spacious, inexpensive & modern – our modern kitchen cabinets in a nutshell! Our selection of cabinets is dependable and durable enough to handle high-traffic & busy family kitchens. Our branded kitchen cabinetry collections, such as Forevermark cabinets, are crafted with rough finishes & paints, strong wood development, and prevailing equipment.

      Each cabinet style is incorporated with adoration, quality, and dedication to craftsmanship. We offer several distinct varieties of modern kitchen cabinets; from the white shaker cabinets of Forevermark to the white cabinets of J&K and CCC. Talk about the appearance, warranty, nature of cabinet doorway finishes, and sturdiness! – our ranges have it all, thanks to the quality assurances of branded yet affordable kitchen Affordable Kitchen cabinets. Have a look at this before deciding to visit our kitchen cabinets store and purchase your preferred kitchen cabinetry product.


      Badger cabinets is another name for quality and sustainability. We offer the most affordable cabinets in your vicinity. We believe that customer satisfaction is our top priority. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of door profiles, finishes, hardware, and backsplashes. In addition to that, our countertops will last for decades to come.

      Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly, using the latest technology and durable material. So, think no more before contacting us for your kitchen cabinets.

      To calculate linear feet in kitchen cabinets, measure the length and width of cabinets in inches. Add them and multiply by 12. For instance, if the height and width are 10″ by 10″, the total feet will be 20.
      First of all, try to identify the quality of the cabinets online. Read the reviews and order a few samples. Select the material carefully, take measurements and hire a professional installer. Or simply search for the best kitchen cabinets online, and you will find us.

      To install cabinets: start with upper cabinets. Mark up the wall and position the cabinets. Now remove the doors and drawers. Clamp, drill and fasten the face frame and mount the cabinets.

      Furthermore, measure the gap between base cabinets keeping the countertop in mind. Now lift the base cabinets slightly above the ground and fix the cabinet box. Drill and fasten the cabinets and attach the hardware temporarily to check the movement.

      White or off-white kitchen cabinets naturally go well with black stainless-steel appliances. The contrasting colors add more to the kitchen space.
      First, empty all of the kitchen cabinets. Turn off the water connection for the sink and cover up your countertop. Now remove the trims or moldings of the cabinets and detach them from the wall. Remove the cabinet doors and take out the shelves. Finally, unscrew the cabinets off the wall and move them away. For base cabinets: unfasten the cabinet frames, remove the screws and slide the cabinet away from the wall.

      If you live in Oak creek Wisconsin, the best place to buy affordable kitchen cabinets near your area is badger cabinets. You can check the wide collection of branded cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, our affordable discount cabinets would not put a burden on your pocket, all cabinets are available in high quality and lavish look.  

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